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Eric Jones Mediterranean Cruise

Eric Jones

Co-founder and Head of Operations / [email protected]

Eric Jones is the co-founder and head of operations of The Vacationer. He uses his background in mathematics as a professor at Rowan College South Jersey to conduct statistical studies and surveys on traveling and vacations. Having traveled to 48 states and over 30 countries, Eric is well-equipped to recommend travel destinations and new adventures to those seeking lifetime experiences.

Eric Jones in Iceland 2018

Eric at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Iceland.

Eric’s Travel Life

States Visited: 48

States Remaining to Visit: Idaho and Montana

Countries Visited: 31

Favorite Domestic Trip: Road trip from Blackwood, New Jersey to San Diego, California.

Favorite International Trip: Iceland and Ireland

Greatest Travel Story: Stuck on the highway in the Rocky Mountains during a snowstorm for hours, he urinated on the snow and ice in front of and on his tires to unfreeze them to move.

Favorite National Park: Grand Canyon National Park

Favorite State Park: Custer State Park, South Dakota

Last Completed Domestic Trip: Fairbanks, Alaska and Anchorage, Alaska

Last Completed International Trip: Eurotrip: Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Gibraltar, Portugal

Eric’s Current Travel Goals

Since Eric’s cross country road trip in January 2017, he has had an insatiable goal to visit all 50 US states. With only Idaho and Montana remaining on his list, he hopes to complete the full 50 by the end of 2020. His next ideal trip involves flying from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City. From there he would drive from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park where he can view different aspects of the park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Eric enjoys the long scenic drives and conversation between destinations. Internationally, his goal is to get to Brazil in 2021 after his 2020 trip was canceled due to COVID-19.

Eric in Badlands National Park

Eric in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA.