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      9 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica — Top Hotels for Your Jamaica Trip in 2024

      Holly Riddle
      Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica

      Jamaica is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. Firstly, the island is easy (and affordable) to get to, with most air hubs offering direct flights to Montego Bay. Much like the flights, much of the accommodations are affordable, too. And, as far as accommodations go,  you’ll find something for every traveler type on this island. For example, luxury travelers will find the creme de la creme of resorts. Families will find kid-friendly hotels. Couples looking for romance will find private accommodations filled with perks.

      But with so many options, how do you pick the right all-inclusive resort in Jamaica for you? It can be difficult! Therefore, to help you decide, here are nine of our favorites, along with all the need-to-know details, from price to inclusions, location to extra amenities.

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      When to Go to Jamaica

      You’ll want to take more than just hurricane season into account when deciding the best time of year for your Jamaica vacation. Since Jamaica is a particularly popular vacation spot, you’ll want to avoid peak tourist season if you’re not willing to battle the crowds and pay higher room rates. 

      Peak travel season in Jamaica is late winter and into early spring, think late December to April. Accordingly, for fewer crowds and lessened travel costs, you should try visiting in early December or early summer, in May. Hurricane season impacts Jamaica from June through November.

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      1. Royalton Negril

      Royalton Negril


      If you frequently travel to the Caribbean and likewise frequently stay in resorts, you’re probably already familiar with the Royalton brand. This luxury all-inclusive brand has locations all around the region. For those who aren’t familiar with this award-winning name in hospitality, though, just know that it’s one of the few luxury resort brands that offers both true luxury for the adults, as well as plenty to do and enjoy for the kids. As such, no member of the family is overlooked in the slightest.

      Pros: Find something for the entire family at this resort.

      Cons: The resort — with its more than 400 guest rooms — is on the larger side, so if you’re looking for something cozy and intimate, look elsewhere. 

      Included: Firstly, the brand’s All-In Luxury package includes unlimited, reservation-free dining, all drinks, 24-hour room service, and free WiFi. You also get access to non-motorized water sports and complimentary butler service. If, though, you need even more in your all-inclusive package, you can upgrade to the brand’s Diamond Club. This gives you additional amenities, such as access to VIP restaurants and beach areas.

      Audience: Luxury travelers of all types, including families.

      Location: Norman Manley Blvd, A1, Negril, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-619-2303

      Price Range: Starting at $415

      Click Here to See All of Royalton Negril Resort’s Room Options

      2. Sandals Royal Caribbean

      Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay


      If, though, you’re looking for a romance-geared couples’ experience, then check out the 5-star Sandals Royal Caribbean. While the Sandals brand is well known, the experience you’ll find here is anything but common. You have a range of suite options to choose from, including overwater bungalows, rooms with private infinity pools, and suites with direct water or beach access. There’s even a private island that you can access via a resort boat, for an even more private beach, pools, and restaurants.

      Pros: This luxury property has it all — and it’s all for adults-only.

      Cons: Families look elsewhere, because you won’t find anything for the kiddos here. Additionally, if you don’t like to stay with big brand properties and prefer something a little more unique, you might find this property a bit lacking in character.

      Included: To start, enjoy unlimited dining and drinks, a stocked bar in your room, access to diving and other water sports, and access to the private island. You also get roundtrip airport transfers and free WiFi. One of the coolest inclusions, though? You can get a free wedding if you’re staying longer than three nights.

      Audience: Adults only, looking for something luxurious and a romantic stay.

      Location: Mahoe Cl, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 888-726-3257

      Price range: From $875

      Click Here to See All of Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort’s Room Options

      3. Round Hill Hotel & Villas

      Round Hill Hotel and Villas Jamaica


      For something that’s uniquely Jamaican (and not just a copycat resort that you could find on any island), though, try Round Hill Hotel & Villas. With its Ralph Lauren-designed guest rooms, plantation history, and 110 acres, there’s lots to enjoy. A favorite property with celebs throughout the decades, you’ll find yourself walking in the footsteps of such travelers as JFK and Jackie Kennedy, and Oscar Hammerstein. 

      Despite the property’s large footprint, you won’t feel like it’s overwhelming or a “mega” resort. Instead, it’s quite intimate. You don’t have to spring for the all-inclusive package, but you might find it well worth it, for the amenities.

      Pros: This is a hotel with a more intimate, independent feel, filled with luxury.

      Cons: You won’t automatically receive an all-inclusive package with your room rate; as such, you’ll have to add that in. Additionally, the property doesn’t feel very geared toward families. Instead, it’s more suitable for adults. Likewise, the inclusions aren’t as robust as what you’ll find at other all-inclusive resorts.

      Included: Guests receive all meals and drinks, airport transfers, and a welcome bottle of Champagne.

      Audience: Luxury, adult travelers looking for a quiet, upscale environment, but not necessarily romance.

      Location: John Pringle Drive, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-956-7050

      Price Range: From $750

      Click Here to See All of Round Hill Hotel & Villas’ Room Options

      4. Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

      Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Jamaica


      Some travelers prefer to stay with a well-known, well-trusted international brand, though. So, if you’re a World of Hyatt member, you’ll want to check out Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall. This 5-star, all-inclusive resort offers fun for the entire family, plus the high standards you’ve likely come to expect from the Hyatt portfolio of brands. The big property includes nearly 400 guest rooms and 16 restaurants and bars.

      Pros: This hotel is a reliable option for those who don’t want to take a chance on a new brand or indie hotel.

      Cons: The property is on the large side, so it may seem overwhelming at first. Additionally, for the resort’s overall size, its beach is on the smaller side.

      Included: Guests enjoy unlimited food and beverages at 16 restaurants and bars, access to a fitness center and two pools. Additionally, the resort provides nightly entertainment and daily activities ranging from dance lessons to water activities and beach games. Lastly, kids enjoy access to a playground, game room, and lounge.

      Audience: Families looking for a reliable stay with an international brand.

      Location: Rose Hall Road, A1, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-618-1234

      Price range: From $390

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      Click Here to See All of Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall’s Room Options

      5. Azul Beach Resort Negril by Karisma

      Azul Beach Resort Negril by Karisma


      If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, but you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice style or comfort, you might just love Azul Beach Resort in Negril. With just under 300 guest rooms and suites, the property offers a little bit of something for everyone. For example, family crowds will enjoy the main pool. Meanwhile, adults looking for quiet time can stick to the adults-only area with its pool and bar.

      Unfortunately, the amenities aren’t as plentiful or luxurious as you might find at some of the pricier resorts on our list, but you get what you pay for. And, unless you’ve had your heart set on something like staying in the same villa as Jackie Kennedy or frolicking on a private island, you won’t even notice those luxe amenities are missing.

      Pros: This resort is on the budget-friendly side, while still offering all the basic amenities and comforts families and couples might need.

      Cons: You won’t find an overabundance of luxury here. Additionally, the all-inclusive package primarily just covers your food.

      Included: Guests can expect the all-inclusive package to include 24-hour room service, all gourmet meals, access to a fitness center and kids clubs, and non-motorized water sports. Guests also receive unlimited beverages, WiFi, personal concierge service, and a welcome drink.

      Audience: Families and couples looking to save a buck without sacrificing comfort.

      Location: Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-620-0100

      Price: From $300

      Click Here to See All of Azul Beach Resort’s Room Options

      6. Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa

      Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa


      The nice thing about Jewel Grande? It’s easily one of the smallest properties on our list, so ideal for those who don’t prefer the big resort vibe. With fewer than 150 guest rooms, you won’t find yourself stuffed in with the crowds here. Plus, the property is relatively new, having opened in 2017, which is a huge plus if you’ve ever had the displeasure of arriving at a resort only to find it woefully outdated. The property caters to both adults and families, with amenities and facilities befitting its smaller size.

      Pros: Looking for a smaller resort with a more intimate feel? You’ve found it.

      Cons: A truly small size means fewer amenities and facilities, such as only six restaurants and only two pools.

      Included: Expect unlimited dining and drinking, access to a children’s club, beach and pool concierge service, and complimentary WiFi.

      Audience: Families and couples alike who prefer a smaller resort.

      Location: Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 833-325-3935

      Price Range: From $400

      Click Here to See All of Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort and Spa’s Room Options

      7. The Caves Negril

      The Caves Hotel


      But while the Jewel Grande may reduce its amenities to fit its small size, that’s not what happens at The Caves Negril. With only a 10-acre footprint and 12 cottages, this property is as exclusive and intimate as it gets. It’s the smallest all-inclusive property you’re going to find in Jamaica for sure. Catering to adult travelers, it truly is the place to go to experience both a small environment and luxury. Plus, the unique location doesn’t hurt. The cottages are situated right atop sea caves and some feature stone staircases that lead you directly down into the water. If you dream of cave diving into the crystalline Caribbean waves or even dining by candlelight inside a sea cave, this is where you can do it.

      Pros: This property is as unique as it gets. For a Jamaica vacation that’s a far cry from your typical resort experience, look no further.

      Cons: This property’s all-inclusive package is a little lackluster, though you can tack on plenty of upgrades. Additionally, the property is not suited for families.

      Included: Expect three meals per day, alcoholic beverages, and non-motorized water sports.

      Audience: Adult travelers only, looking for a unique experience.

      Location: Lighthouse Road, West End, Negril, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-957-0270

      Price Range: From $650

      Click Here to See All of The Caves Negril’s Room Options

      8. Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa

      Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa


      Are you and your family the types to need a jam-packed, full itinerary when you travel? Then you’re going to want to book your stay at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa. This massive property offers tons of activities for every age. There’s a water park, a golf course, private beach, lazy river, spa and more. Plus, there are lots of bars and restaurants to cater to the many travelers staying in this resort’s near-500 guest rooms.

      Pros: There are endless ways to have fun at this huge, family-focused resort.

      Cons: Fun is bountiful, but luxury isn’t quite at the top of the list for this property.

      Included: Guests enjoy dining and drinking at 11 restaurants and bars, access to the water park, children’s clubs, private beach, and two pools, as well as sports courts. There’s also nightly entertainment, non-motorized water sports, a fitness center, and free WiFi.

      Audience: Families who want a lot to do without ever leaving their resort.

      Location: Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-953-2650

      Price Range: Starting at $300

      Click Here to See All of Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa’s Room Options

      9. Sunset at the Palms

      Sunset at the Palms


      Does your idea of a Caribbean vacation include a relaxing hideaway and private tranquility? Would you rather avoid the screams of splashing children at the resort pool? Then head to the adults-only Sunset at the Palms, where relaxation and rejuvenation are guaranteed. 

      Each guest room feels like a private jungle abode. You won’t find a ton of activities available, but if you just want to kick back and relax, you won’t miss them. You can easily just spend your vacation days lounging by the pool, sipping frosty drinks, and soaking up the sun. 

      Pros: You’ll enjoy a quiet, private atmosphere that’s hard to find at a lot of resorts.

      Cons: If you’re looking for a resort that’ll fill your itinerary with tons of activities, look elsewhere.

      Included: Guests enjoy all meals, cocktails at four bars, non-motorized water sports, and access to a fitness center and gardens. The property offers daily and nightly entertainment. Do note that this property does not offer free WiFi in each room, making it one of the few to omit this amenity.

      Audience: Adults who just want to relax in peace and quiet.

      Location: Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay, Jamaica

      Phone: +1 876-854-8160

      Price Range: Starting at $460

      Click Here to See All of Sunset at the Palms’ Room Options

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