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      HotelSlash Opens to the Public – Find Discounted Hotel Rooms with the New Membership Platform

      Phil Dengler
      HotelSlash Hotel Membership Deal Program

      There is a new way to find cheap hotel deals. HotelSlash announced it is finally open to the public after three years of testing. This membership-based platform comes from the creators of AutoSlash, which is one of the best ways to find cheap car rentals. Here is everything you need to know about HotelSlash.

      What Does HotelSlash Do?

      HotelSlash tracks your refundable hotel bookings to find better value. Here are a few examples.

      • Cheaper rates on your current room (cancel and rebook the same room for cheaper)
      • Additional amenities on your current reservation like free breakfast (may or may not be a price drop too)
      • Room upgrade (suite or other higher-level room becomes available for cheaper or the same price)

      Most people stop looking at prices after booking their hotel, so HotelSlash’s alerts can save you a lot of money. It can also allow you to rebook a better room. The company says its members have access to “deeply discounted rates at over one million hotel properties worldwide.” These rates are exclusive to HotelSlash members only.

      The good news is HotelSlash rates include taxes and fees (other than resort fees). That makes it easier to see if it’s really a better deal than your current booking.

      How Do I Use HotelSlash?

      HotelSlash is for members only, so you must sign up for a subscription. The price is $29.99 annually, but you can sign up for a free trial membership to test the service out. Additionally, memberships come with a 100 percent refund guarantee.

      After signing up, you have the following options to track hotel prices.

      • Existing refundable bookings not made with HotelSlash – These are bookings made directly with the hotel. They are also bookings made through online travel agencies (OTAs), including and Expedia. You must forward your hotel reservation email to [email protected] to track these bookings.
      • Refundable Bookings made directly with HotelSlash – Request a quote for your desired itinerary, including the city, dates, and number of travelers. Book your hotel directly with HotelSash. After booking, HotelSlash automatically monitors your booking for price drops and upgrades.

      When HotelSlash finds a better deal on your booking, you’ll receive an email with instructions on what to do next. If you decide to take advantage of the deal, you need to cancel your existing hotel reservation; HotelSlash will not cancel it for you.

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      The Vacationer Tip

      The service only works for refundable hotel bookings. Do not book a non-refundable hotel, because you will not be able to cancel it and rebook at the cheaper rate.

      How is HotelSlash Different Than Other Third-Party Booking Services?

      Other third-party hotel booking services monitor prices before you book. What sets HotelSlash apart is it continues to monitor rates even after you’ve booked. That is important because hotel prices can change daily. While the price you booked at the time may have appeared to be a good deal, you may be able to save even more money.

      Drawbacks to Booking with HotelSlash vs. Directly with the Hotel

      Even though HotelSlash members can access exclusive discounted rates, it may make sense for those with elite hotel status to book directly with the hotel. Here are some elite hotel status benefits you may have.

      • Free Breakfast
      • Early Check-in and Late Check-out
      • Free Nights
      • Bonus Points
      • Free Upgrades
      • Food and Beverage Credit

      While HotelSlash lets you enter your hotel loyalty program number with your booking, there is no guarantee you’ll receive your usual benefits. Additionally, you may not earn elite qualifying nights.

      It comes down to how much cheaper the room is when booking with HotelSlash and how much you value your elite benefits. If HotelSlash saves you $600, it probably makes sense to give up your $50 elite status food and beverage credit. If the price difference is marginal, you should book directly to take advantage of your status benefits.

      Additionally, you can earn cash back booking directly at many hotel chains and OTAs. While it varies by company, it may be as much as 10 percent back. Take that into consideration when comparing prices.

      The Vacationer Tip

      Why only track hotel prices?

      – Flights: See our Google Flights guide and How to Set Google Flight Alerts.
      – Car Rentals: Read our AutoSlash summary.

      Should You Become a HotelSlash member?

      I think it is worth trying. The company says members saved an average of 30% on hotel rates during the testing period. In many cases, it may pay for itself after just one booking. Plus, it is tedious manually checking hotel prices for drops.

      During the introductory period, you can try the service for free without having to enter a credit card number. The 100 percent refund guarantee provides even more protection for the $29.99 annual fee.

      Those without elite hotel status will benefit the most from this service. Those with elite status at major brands who often stay at boutique hotels may also find value.

      Further Reading: Official Press Release and HotelSlash website.

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