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      How to Get From Disney World to Universal Studios

      Holly Riddle
      Orlando, Florida

      There are several amazing amusement parks in Florida, but the two you’ll hear about most are Disney World and Universal Studios. You could easily spend an entire vacation just visiting one of these parks; however, some travelers attempt to bundle visits to both into one trip. 

      If that’s your plan, here’s what you’ll need to know about traveling between the two competing parks. 

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      How to Get Between Disney World and Universal Studios 

      The good news? These theme parks are pretty close to one another, about 10 miles. 

      The bad news? Because of just how huge Disney World is, if you’re staying in certain spots of the park (like near Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom), it might take you longer to get to Universal Studios.

      Additionally, because of all the traffic around and between the two parks, traveling those 10-ish miles can take way longer than the 10-20 minutes you might be expecting. Traffic jams and long waits are par for the course, depending on your route.

      So all that considered, what are the best ways to travel between Disney World and Universal Studios? Here are your options and the pros and cons for each. 

      Driving a Private Car

      If you’re driving your own car or a rental car, you can take various routes between the two parks. The most popular include:

      • Interstate I-4 E
      • Apopka Vineland Road

      Whichever route you take, though, traveling between the two via private car has its pros and cons.

      Pros: You get the privacy, convenience, and flexibility of driving yourself between the parks when you want to do so, and how you want to do so, with the ability to stop along the way, if desired.

      Cons: You’ll have to find your own parking and navigate busy highways and streets. You might not care for that if you’re a nervous driver. Additionally, if you plan on renting a car versus driving your own to the parks, you’ll have to factor the cost of your rental car from Orlando airport into your overall travel budget.

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      Rideshares and Taxis 

      Rideshares are among the most popular options for getting between Disney and Universal Studios. Uber and Lyft both provide service in the area. If you still go the old-fashioned route and hail taxis, you can find taxi services that will ferry you between the two parks as well, if you’re willing to find one or call a service.

      Pros: Rideshares are convenient to book right from your phone, and you don’t have to do any driving. 

      Cons: Rideshares can be costly, especially during high-demand times.

      Shuttle Service

      Both theme parks operate various, free shuttles between their own properties and parks. If you were hoping there was likewise a shuttle that ran between Universal and Disney, you’re in luck. A third-party shuttle does drive between the two, though it’s not free.

      Additionally, some hotels and resorts offer complimentary shuttle service to guests to either or both parks (though usually not between the two parks). If you take a free hotel shuttle and are trying to get from one park to the other, you’ll have to stop at the hotel over the course of the route, to switch shuttles.

      Pros: A shuttle service can be free (if you’re staying at the providing hotel) or at least more cost-effective than a rental car or rideshare service. 

      Cons: You’re reliant on the shuttle’s schedule and route. 

      Public Transportation

      Orlando’s public transit isn’t all that great. The LYNX public bus system doesn’t offer direct service between the two parks. So, while this option is cheap, it will require you to swap bus lines and then ride on some routes that aren’t really going where you need them to, before you finally end up at the park of your choice. 

      Pros: Public transportation in the area is cheap.

      Cons: Taking public transportation between the two parks requires switching bus lines and is far (far) slower than any other transportation option on our list.

      What is the Best Way to Get Between Disney and Universal Studios?

      While you may have a particular preference out of the above options for getting between Disney World and Universal Studios, for overall convenience, we’re going to name rideshare services as your best option for traveling between the two parks. 

      With a rideshare service, you’re not reliant on a shuttle schedule, but you also don’t have to drive yourself or worry about parking. And, yes, while rideshare services can seem pricey at first, just think about the money you’re saving by using a rideshare service instead of renting a car and then paying for parking. 


      Are there any free ways to get between Disney World and Universal Studios?

      If your hotel offers a shuttle service to the parks, you can often use that to get between the two for free. You’ll just usually have to stop at the hotel during the ride, to switch shuttles.

      How long does it take to get between Disney World and Universal Studios?

      While it’s just about a 10-mile drive between the two, anticipate the ride to take about half an hour, depending on traffic and extra waits for shuttles, rideshares, and other transportation options.

      How much does it cost to park at the parks?

      You can self-park at both parks for $25–$60 per day, depending on the parking location and services you pay for.

      When is travel between the two parks slowest?

      Peak travel times between and around the two parks include during rush hour, around park opening and closing times, and on weekends and holidays.

      Can you see both Universal Studios and Disney World in a week?

      Yes! You can split your time between Universal Studios and Disney World and see both in just a few days.

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      By Holly Riddle

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