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      How to Use SimplyMiles to Earn American Airlines Miles, Loyalty Points, & Status Without Flying (2024)

      Phil Dengler
      How to Use SimplyMiles to Earn American Airlines Status

      SimplyMiles is an easy way to earn American Airlines status without flying. Additionally, you can stack offers with the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal and other credit card offers to maximize your earnings. Here is everything you need to know.

      What is SimplyMiles, and How Do I Join?

      SimplyMiles allows AAdvantage members to enroll in shopping and other offers to earn American Airlines miles and loyalty points. It is free to use and works like Chase Offers, Amex Offers, and Citi Offers. Here are a few requirements before joining.

      • You reside in the United States
      • You are an American Airlines AAdvantage member (status level does not matter)
      • You have at least one Mastercard to add to your account (you can add up to three)

      If you meet those requirements, go to and click the “Log in” button. Enter your American Airlines account credentials. If you still need to become an AAdvantage member, sign up here.

      SimplyMiles Credit Cards


      Add your Mastercard to your account after signing in for the first time. Currently, Visa, American Express, and other cards do not work with SimplyMiles; Only Mastercards work. That may change in the future, however.

      How to Use SimplyMiles to Earn American Airlines Miles & Loyalty Points

      SimplyMiles is very easy to use.

      • Click the “Browse Offers” link at the top of the screen.
      • Sort through the various offers. Use the search bar, filtering, and sorting options to narrow things down.
      • Click the “view details” link to read the offer’s requirements, expiration date, and terms & conditions.
      • Click the “Add to Card” link to activate the offer.

      That’s it. Scroll to the bottom of the offers page to verify activated offers. You can also view only activated offers from the “filter” dropdown.

      Use one of the Mastercards you linked to your account to earn American Airlines miles and loyalty points for your activated offers.

      SimplyMiles Offer Types


      Screenshot: SimplyMiles – Various offer type examples.

      You’ll earn 1 loyalty point per mile earned through SimplyMiles. Here are the various offer types and fictional examples.

      • Earn X miles per dollar spent (earn 3x miles per $1 at PetSmart)
      • Earn X miles per dollar spent on X or more (earn 10x miles per $1 at Nike on $100 or more)
      • Earn X miles for any purchase (earn 200 miles at The Farmer’s Dog)
      • Earn X miles on X or more (earn 1,500 miles at Wine Insiders on $120 or more)

      Some brands offer huge chunks of loyalty points for minimal spending. Those are the ones to go after if you are shooting for top American Airlines status. You’ll see offers from online stores, offline stores, gas stations, restaurants, and more.

      Be sure to read the full offer terms before making a purchase. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

      • The Offer’s Expiration Date
      • In-Store, Online Only, or Both
      • Number of Times You May Redeem the Offer
      • Excluded Items
      • Does the Required Spending Total Include Taxes & Other Fees?

      You must read everything to ensure your purchase is eligible for miles and loyalty points.

      Where Are My Miles?

      SimplyMiles Miles Earned

      Screenshot: SimplyMiles – Transaction History Example

      From my experience, miles and loyalty points typically post within one week. SimplyMiles states it can take up to 30 business days, however.

      Click the “Miles Earned” link when logged into SimplyMiles to see your transaction history. If it has been 14 business days after a transaction and you do not see your miles, I recommend contacting customer service using this link. Click “Transactional Issues” as the reason for your inquiry. Include the following information.

      • Your First and Last Name
      • Your Email Address
      • Your AAdvantage Number
      • Complete details regarding your missing transaction, including the date, merchant name, subtotal, and total after fees.

      After appearing in your “Miles Earned” tab, you should be able to view your miles and loyalty points within your AAdvantage account within a few days.

      SimplyMiles in AAdvantage Account

      Screenshot: – SimplyMiles Earned in My AAdvantage Account

      Consider Stacking SimplyMiles Offers for More Value

      I regularly stack SimplyMiles offers. Here are my favorite places to do it with.

      • Chase Offers (must be the Chase Freedom Flex card because it is the only Mastercard)
      • Citi Merchant Offers (most Citi cards are Mastercards)
      • American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping Portal

      Depending on the offer, you can double dip or triple dip. Most SimplyMiles, credit card portal offers, and AAdvantage Shopping Portal offers prohibit stacking, but it always works for me.

      After finding a SimplyMiles offer:

      • See if the store is in the AAdvantage shopping portal.
      • Check if the merchant is in your available Mastercard credit card offers.
      • If so, combine one or both of them with your SimplyMiles purchase.

      Here is an example of double dipping when shopping at bebe.

      SimplyMiles bebe Example

      Screenshot: SimplyMiles – bebe offer

      In the example, bebe is offering 2 miles per $1 spent via SimplyMiles.

      AAdvantage Shopping Portal bebe

      Screenshot: AAdvantage Shopping Portal – bebe offer

      The American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal also offers 5 miles per $1 spent. Taking advantage of both offers, or double dipping, means you earn 7 miles per $1 spent. Check your credit card offers before shopping to see if bebe is there for a triple dip.

      To complete the double dip, activate your SimplyMiles offer and then shop through the AAdvantage shopping portal.

      Further Reading: How to Use the American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping Portal to Earn Miles, Loyalty Points, & Status Without Flying

      SimplyMiles Shopping Tips to Maximize Your Miles

      Here are some tips to get the most out of SimplyMiles.

      • Make Sure Your Offer Activates – Your offer will say “Activated” in green with a checkmark upon a successful activation. If it does not, it is not activated, and you’ll earn no miles.
      • Always Try to Double or Triple Dip – Check your Mastercard credit card offers and the AAdvantage shopping portal. Double or triple dipping leads to significantly more miles.
      • Don’t Worry About Browser Cookies – SimplyMiles is easier to use than the AAdvantage shopping portal. Browser cookies are not an issue. Activate your offer, and make the purchase with a linked Mastercard.
      • Consider Using an American Airlines Credit Card – American Airlines credit cards earn 1 mile and 1 loyalty point per $1 spent. Using one with SimplyMiles is a great way to earn status quickly. The Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard® is one of my favorites.
      • Check the Offers Frequently – New offers are regularly added. Check often for new opportunities.
      • There is No Requirement to Use an Activated Offer – SimplyMiles does not penalize you for activating and not using an offer. Feel free to activate an offer even if it’s a long shot if you’ll use it.

      Opportunity Cost of Using SimplyMiles

      There may be an opportunity cost for using SimplyMiles. Since you must use a Mastercard, one of your other credit cards may have a better earn rate. Additionally, the other card may have a better offer for its own portal. Here is a fictional example

      • Chase Freedom Unlimited – 15% cashback offer via Chase Offers for Reebok (plus the base 1.5% cashback per $1 spent).
      • Chase Freedom Flex – 5x miles per $1 offer via SimplyMiles at Reebok (plus the base 1% cashback per $1 spent)

      In that scenario, the Chase Freedom Unlimited offer may be too good to pass up. Remember, the Chase Freedom Unlimited is a Visa card, so it can’t be used with SimplyMiles.

      Decide how much you value American Airlines miles and status. I value each mile at 1.5 cents per mile, but it depends on the airline you fly the most. In many cases, you may be better off using an American Express offer instead (which you can’t use with SimplyMiles offers).

      For example, American Express points can be transferred to a variety of airlines (American Airlines not included), so it makes sense to do that for someone who regularly flies Delta Air Lines. Your situation is unique, so decide which airline it makes sense for you to be loyal to.

      Further Reading: American Airlines AAdvantage Loyalty Program Benefits & Review – How to Earn Elite Status

      The Vacationer’s Final Thoughts

      SimplyMiles is another great tool for frequent American Airlines flyers. While you need a Mastercard, it is easier to use than the AAdvantage shopping portal. Simply link your card, add offers, and shop online and offline. No need to worry about cookies or offers deactivating. Before finalizing your purchase, check the AAdvantage shopping portal and your credit card offers for potential double and triple-dipping opportunities. With enough SimplyMiles offers, you’ll earn enough loyalty points for American Airlines elite status!

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