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      TSA PreCheck Renewal Guide – How Long Does a Membership Last?

      Phil Dengler
      TSA PreCheck Renewal Guide

      I highly recommend all frequent travelers sign up for TSA PreCheck. This trusted traveler program lets members zip through airport security via expedited lanes. But this article is not about TSA PreCheck’s many benefits.

      Instead, it will detail how to renew your expired or expiring membership.

      How Long Does a TSA PreCheck Membership Last?

      Memberships last for five years from your approved date. After five years, you have the following renewal options.

      • Renew Online for $70 (nonrefundable)
      • Renew in Person for $78 (nonrefundable)
      • Let Your Membership Expire

      For cost and convenience, renewing online is the way to go. Not only is it easier, but it is $8 cheaper. Over five years, you save $1.6 per year.

      How to Renew Your TSA PreCheck Membership

      You can renew your membership when it is within six months of its expiration date. Renewing adds another five years to your membership starting on your expiration date; For that reason, I recommend getting it done when you are eligible so you do not forget. Here is how to do it.

      Online Renewals

      TSA PreCheck Online Renewal


      Online is the way to go for most people. To get started, go to

      Click the Renew Now button. Fill out the following required personal information.

      • Your Known Traveler Number (the number you use when booking plane tickets to activate PreCheck)
      • Your Date of Birth
      • Your Legal Last Name

      Read the privacy statement, and complete the rest of the application. Pay the $70 renewal fee. I recommend paying it with a credit card offering a TSA PreCheck application fee credit.

      After paying, most people are done. You simply wait one or two weeks for your renewal approval. In certain circumstances, you may get a notice saying you need to visit a TSA PreCheck center. One reason for this could be a name change, but it depends on your situation.

      Further Reading: Known Traveler Number Guide.

      In-Person Renewals

      Renewing in person is not ideal for two reasons.

      • It costs $8 more
      • It takes more time

      While the online renewal form only takes a few minutes to complete, renewing in person takes much more time. If you prefer or must renew in person, you can select from over 500 enrollment centers.

      Does Renewing Global Entry Renew My TSA PreCheck?

      TSA PreCheck is included with every Global Entry membership. Therefore, renewing your Global Entry membership ($100 every five years) automatically extends your TSA PreCheck privileges for another five years. Those who do not have Global Entry should renew their PreCheck membership using the steps listed above.

      What Credit Cards Reimburse the TSA PreCheck Renewal Fee?

      Many travel-focused credit cards offer up to a $100 TSA PreCheck credit every four to five years. Check your cards to see if any offer this benefit. Here are a few notable cards.

      To use the credit, pay for your renewal with your eligible card. It should appear on your statement within a few weeks.

      The Vacationer Tip

      You can also gift your TSA PreCheck reimbursement credit to a friend or family member. Simply use your credit card to pay for their application or renewal credit; Your statement credit should appear within a few days.

      Why Might My Renewal Application Be Denied?

      Certain crimes may cause your application to be denied. Here are a few examples.

      • Crimes committed on the plane (assault or intimidating the flight crew)
      • Crimes committed at the airport (bringing firearms to the airport and making bomb threats)
      • Crimes committed away from the airport

      Whether or not you are denied depends on the seriousness of your crime.

      Should I Just Get Global Entry Instead of Renewing TSA PreCheck?

      It’s not a bad option. Global Entry’s application fee is $100 for a five-year membership. Its main benefit is expedited customs screenings for travelers returning to the United States via air, land, or sea; It also comes with TSA PreCheck.

      The additional $30 ($100 – $70 TSA PreCheck online renewal price) for five years is probably worth it if you frequently travel internationally. Additionally, any credit card offering a TSA PreCheck credit also offers a Global Entry credit, so the extra cost is covered for eligible cardholders. The only issue is Global Entry’s entire approval process can take as long as one year.

      Further Reading: TSA PreCheck vs. Global Entry and How to Get a Global Entry Interview Appointment Faster


      When Does a TSA PreCheck Membership Expire?

      Memberships expire after five years. From the six-month point, you will start receiving reminder emails from “Universal Enroll”. 

      When Can I Renew My TSA PreCheck Membership?

      Six months before your membership expires.

      When Should I Renew My TSA PreCheck Membership?

      Six months to two months before your membership expires. That leaves enough time for your renewal to get approved. Waiting until the last minute could mean your renewal is not processed in time; So you would be ineligible to use the PreCheck lanes on your next flight.

      How Much Does it Cost to Renew TSA PreCheck?

      It costs $70 to renew online and $78 to renew in person. Renewals are valid for five years. This breaks down to $14 per year for online renewals and $15.60 per year for in-person renewals.

      How Do I Find My TSA PreCheck Membership’s Expiration Date?

      Go to

      The Vacationer’s Final Thoughts

      Before renewing your TSA PreCheck membership, consider signing up for Global Entry instead. If you decide Global Entry is not for you, renew your PreCheck membership online for $70 for five years. Before renewing, check to see if any of your travel credit cards offer a reimbursement credit for the renewal fee.

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