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      6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands — Top Hotels for Your Grand Cayman Trip in 2024

      Holly Riddle
      Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Grand Cayman

      The Cayman Islands are one of the ritziest destinations in the Caribbean. A favorite vacation spot for celebrities, the Cayman Islands aren’t exactly the place to go for a budget vacation. However, if you’re willing to splurge a bit, you can find luxurious experiences aplenty. 

      The Cayman Islands are made up of three main islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. As you could probably guess, Grand Cayman is the largest and most popular of the three. It attracts the most international travelers with its easier air access, as well as cruise passengers. This is also where you’ll find the majority of the all-inclusive resorts throughout the destination. The only problem? There aren’t as many all-inclusive resorts in Grand Cayman as you’ll find in other destinations around the Caribbean. Many, instead, offer tailored packages that give you a lot — but not everything. 

      Regardless, which should you pick for your posh getaway to Grand Cayman? Here are six of the best all-inclusive (or nearly all-inclusive) resorts on Grand Cayman, with all the need-to-know details, from pricing to inclusions, contact info, and more.

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      When to Visit Grand Cayman

      But first, before you book that all-inclusive resort stay, it’s important to consider a few things — like the weather. While Grand Cayman’s weather is by and large considered favorable, there are dry and wet seasons, as well as a hurricane season. However, do note that Grand Cayman’s westerly location means it’s far less likely to be hit by a large storm, compared to other Caribbean destinations you might be considering.

      For the best weather, high temperatures in the 80s, and little rain, visit in the winter months, November or December. For cooler weather, but still no rain, try January or February when temps can dip down into the 60s. If you don’t mind a little rain and would rather get a good hotel price than guaranteed sunny skies, you might want to consider a visit during the earlier part of the rainy season, May or June. 

      If you’re just looking for fewer crowds and the best hotel rates, and you don’t care at all about the weather, avoid a December visit when crowds and rates are both high. The cooler months, January and February, are also popular and can get crowded, as snowbirds flee colder locales for the islands. 

      For the best rates overall, try the rainiest portion of the year, late summer and early fall, July through October. This is when hotel rates are steeply discounted, as resorts compete with other destinations for your tourist dollars. 

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      6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

      1. Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman 

      Wyndham Grand Cayman


      Diving isn’t the only thing for you to do on Grand Cayman, obviously, and families can still find resorts that cater to their unique needs. Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman is one of the few resorts on the island that is both family-friendly and budget-friendly. Plus, it’s one of the few resorts that offers a truly all-inclusive experience without any weird exclusions that make your vacay a little harder (like including your breakfast and lunch, but not your dinner). 

      As this is an international brand, you can expect the same Wyndham level of service that you’d find anywhere else in the world (a major perk for some travelers). Additionally, as it’s a larger resort, it offers all the basic resort amenities you expect if you’ve ever traveled to an all-inclusive. There are four restaurants (including, interestingly enough, a Subway). The resort provides a range of water and land excursions. In addition to the beach, there are three pools, including one kids-designated pool. There’s also a spa, fitness center, and dive shop. Lots of kid-friendly programming is on the docket as well. 

      Pros: This resort from an international brand is both family-friendly and budget-friendly. It’s also one of the island’s few truly all-inclusive resorts.

      Cons: This isn’t one of Grand Cayman’s more luxurious options. 

      Included: All-inclusive plans start with all your meals, all drinks, and use of water sports. Airport transfers are available but are not included in any of the all-inclusive plans. 

      Audience: Families on a budget.

      Location: 2221 Queens Highway, East End, Cayman Islands

      Phone Number: (888) 232-0541

      Price range: From $299

      Click Here to See All of Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman’s Room Options

      2. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

      Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman


      Still an international brand but with a bit of an upgrade, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is located on Seven Mile Beach, one of the island’s most popular and beautiful beaches. The large resort was refurbished in 2021 and international luxury is now the name of the game here. The resort is home to six bars and restaurants, including the only AAA Five Diamond restaurant in the Caribbean. There’s a golf club, kids’ programming, spa, an art gallery, and a kids’ water park. Valet parking is included in your stay if you do need parking. There are two pools and one oceanfront hot tub. 

      The only downside? To get all-inclusive service, you will have to book a special package and, even then, the inclusivity won’t be as all-encompassing as what you might find elsewhere. For example, depending on what package you book and what packages are available at the time, you might get daily breakfast, but then a resort credit for each day to use on your other dining. 

      Pros: This resort offers tons to do for every member of the family, in a luxurious atmosphere. 

      Cons: The all-inclusive options aren’t as all-inclusive as you might want. 

      Included: Inclusivities differ according to packages and different packages are available at different times. With just a standard stay, though, your resort fee covers complimentary dining for children under 6, high-speed WiFi, coffee and tea, parking, access to children’s activities and sports courts (which do require reservations in some cases), access to spa facilities, water sports, sailing lessons (reservations also required), and access to the golf club. 

      Audience: Families looking for a luxurious stay with a recognizable brand. 

      Location: Seven Mile Beach, KY1-1209, Cayman Islands

      Phone Number: +1 345-943-9000

      Price Range: From $633

      Click Here to See All of The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman’s Room Options

      3. Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort 

      Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort


      An option that’s an upgrade from the Wyndham resort, but maybe not quite so posh as The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort offers upscale accommodations on Seven Mile Beach. Amenities include kids’ activities, a spa, water sports, turndown service, a fitness center, and free on-site parking. There are four dining options and all are fairly casual. In addition to offering water sports on-site, the property is also nearby a range of popular Grand Cayman activities and attractions. 

      Pros: This centrally-located hotel offers a fair amount to do and upgraded accommodations. 

      Cons: You’ll be relying on special packages and your resort fee for any inclusions. 

      Included: With the right package and resort fee, you’ll get your daily breakfast, a welcome drink, WiFi, access to water sports, fitness classes, bike rental, refreshments, and children’s activities.

      Audience: Families who want a midscale property, with activities on-site, but also close proximity to nearby attractions. 

      Location: 389 West Bay Road Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman KY1 -1202 Cayman Islands

      Phone Number: 1-888-236-2427

      Price range: From $379

      Click Here to See All of Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort’s Room Options

      4. Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa 

      Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa


      The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa on Seven Mile Beach is arguably one of the more stylish and youthful properties along its row of internationally-branded hotels. A boutique property, it’s on the smaller side, but it makes up for its size with lots of fun and a millennial vibe that still manages to be kid-friendly if you’re traveling with the fam. 

      There are three dining options, plus private dining and special dining events. There are two pools, a spa and a waterpark for the kids. Every single room comes with a private balcony. The Kimpton brand puts a high value on wellness, so guests get free access to daily fitness classes, yoga mats in every room, and even discounts on talk therapy. 

      Pros: This stylish hotel offers a lot of amenities and things to do, on-site, while still providing a great location on Seven Mile Beach. It will likewise appeal to a range of travelers, even if the focus is a little more youthful.

      Cons: To get the most inclusions with your room rate, you may have to do a little extra work, such as signing up for an IHG One Rewards account and booking special packages.  

      Included: You’ll need to book a special package when reserving your stay, but if you do, you can get a daily breakfast and a $100 daily resort credit to use on the remainder of your dining. Your resort fee covers free parking, WiFi, nightly social hours, coffee and tea, access to fitness amenities, water sports, snorkeling gear, daily fitness classes, free dining for kids under 5, and waterpark access. Quick tip? If you sign up for IHG Rewards, you can get even more inclusions, such as a $30 spa credit. Airport shuttle service is not provided. 

      Audience: Younger travelers who want a property with Instagram-worthy appeal and lots of wellness amenities. 

      Location: 60 Tanager Way, Seven Mile Beach KY1-1303 Grand Cayman

      Phone Number: 1-888-226-4412

      Price: $520

      Click Here to See All of Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa’s Room Options

      5. The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

      The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach


      The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach may just be one of the best spots to get the most value for your money, if you’re looking for a resort that straddles the line between luxury and affordable. The modern, updated accommodations and common spaces are stylish and sleek, but the price point is still agreeable to families or travelers on a relatively low budget. 

      Everyone in the family will find something to do here, from the spa to the water sports, to the one large pool (it’s the largest freshwater pool on the island). There are seven different dining options, so you’ll have plenty to choose from for every meal. One of the restaurants is a AAA Four Star eatery. 

      However, despite all of this, the resort is the least similar to an all-inclusive, compared to the other resorts on our list. The inclusions you get with your resort fee are minimal at best. Regardless, if you can snag one of the resort’s better room rates, you may be able to still see savings compared to what you would’ve spent at a pricier all-inclusive. 

      Pros: This property offers a big bang for your buck in terms of its starting room rates. 

      Cons: While you can find pretty agreeable room rates at this property, you won’t find much in the way of extra inclusions — no matter which special package or rate you pick. While kids do stay free, you otherwise get what you see, with just a few inclusions covered by your resort fee. 

      Included: Your resort fee includes access to the pool, spa, beach, fitness center, fitness classes, sporting equipment, WiFi, and parking. You can add on daily breakfast, for a fee. 

      Audience: Travelers wanting a straightforward, mid-scale stay, where what you see is what you get.

      Location: 30620 Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman, KY1-1200, Cayman Islands

      Phone Number: +1 345-945-3800

      Price Range: From $250

      Click Here to See All of The Westin Grand Cayman’s Room Options

      6. Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman

      Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman


      Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman is frequently mentioned as one of the best Grand Cayman resorts for one reason: diving. This diving-centric resort is all about getting out into the waters and offers valet diving excursions that take care of all the fine details, so you can just have a great time in one of the world’s premier diving destinations. Since the focus is all on diving, the focus is less on luxury than what you might find at larger resorts on the island. 

      There are multiple all-inclusive packages to choose from and all center around — you guessed it — again, diving. All of them require a seven-night stay, but, with the most expensive package, include as many as 17 dives in one week, all your dining and drinks, and airport transfers.

      Pros: For divers, this resort is the place to go. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another resort that’s so diving-focused on the island, with a comprehensive program, dedicated diving staff, and instruction. 

      Cons: For those who aren’t interested in diving, they may find the resort a little lacking. There aren’t as many luxury amenities, kids won’t find much to do, and there are only two dining options (though they don’t require reservations) and one pool.

      Included: The resort’s basic all-inclusive package includes daily breakfast and dinner, 12 dives, shore diving, complimentary WiFi, welcome drinks, and airport transfer.

      Audience: Serious scuba divers only.

      Location: 18-A Sea Fan Drive Grand Cayman KY1, 1401, Cayman Islands

      Phone Number: 800-327-3835

      Price Range: From $1,395

      Click Here to See All of Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman’s Room Options


      When is the best time to go to Grand Cayman for good weather? 

      For the best weather, visit Grand Cayman in November or December. 

      When is the best time to go to Grand Cayman for travel deals?

      For the best travel deals, visit Grand Cayman from July through October. 

      Are there family resorts in Grand Cayman?

      Yes! You’ll find that many of the resorts in Grand Cayman are family-oriented, with children’s activities, water parks, and other fun aplenty. 

      Are there all-inclusive resorts in Grand Cayman?

      You can find a few true all-inclusive resorts throughout the broader Cayman Islands, but true all-inclusive resorts are scarce on Grand Cayman. Instead, you’ll find many resorts offer packages that bundle select meals and activities with your stay.

      Are there adults-only resorts in Grand Cayman? 

      There are no adults-only, all-inclusive resorts on Grand Cayman. 

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