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      Google Flights Price Guarantee – How to Get a Refund if Your Airfare Drops

      Phil Dengler
      Google Flights Price Guarantee

      Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing flight tickets only to see prices drop. To take the sting away, Google is introducing a new “Price Guarantee” feature. This pilot program aims to refund you the price difference between what you paid and what the lowest fare is for select flights booked directly with Google Flights.

      How Does Google’s Flight Price Guarantee Work?

      Here are the important stipulations.

      • The Flight Must Depart from a United States Airport
      • The Flight Must Have a Guarantee Badge
      • You Must Use the Book on Google Checkout Option
      • You Must Download and Set Up The Google Pay App (within 90 days of departure)
      • Receive Up to $500 Back Per Calendar Year

      Here are more details on each point.

      The Flight Must Depart from a United States Airport

      Currently, only select flights departing from a United States airport are eligible. When searching for eligible flights via Google Flights, make sure you are signed into your Google account. Additionally, set your currency to USD and your country to the United States.

      The Flight Must Have a Guarantee Badge

      Google Flights Price Guarantee Badge

      Screenshot: Google Flights

      Only flight itineraries with the colorful price guarantee badge are eligible. As seen in the above screenshot, you can find it right next to the price. With eligible flights, Google will monitor the price after you book. If it drops, it will refund you the difference via Google Pay; The difference must be at least $5 with a $500 maximum each calendar year.

      You Must Use the Book on Google Checkout Option

      Book on Google Flights Price Guarantee

      Screenshot: Google Flights

      After finding your eligible itinerary, it is time to book. Under booking options, you must select the one that says “Book on Google”. It will also have the colorful price guarantee badge next to it.

      Complete the booking process. Up top, it should inform you that you are booking with a price guarantee. Be ready to enter your name, DOB, address, and other important information. You can also select seats and add bags. You must enter a United States address and phone number here to be eligible.

      With Book on Google, you never have to go to the airline’s website. Despite that, you are still booking with the airline as opposed to a third-party online travel agency like Expedia or Orbitz. That is good news; If something goes wrong like a delay or cancellation, you contact the airline’s customer service instead of the online travel agency.

      You Must Download and Set Up The Google Pay App (within 90 days of departure)

      Google only refunds fare difference through the Google Pay App — Apple Store Link and Google Play Link

      You must download and set up the app within 90 days of departure. Use the same email address you used when booking your eligible flight via Book on Google. Finally, you must be 18 or older and use a United States phone number.

      Receive Up to $500 Back Per Calendar Year

      Here is how much money per year Google will refund you and other stipulations.

      • Up to $500 Back Per Calendar Year
      • The Price Different Must Be $5 or Greater
      • Up to Three Open Price Guaranteed Bookings at Once

      Google usually deposits the difference within 48 hours after takeoff for eligible flights.

      Why is Google Offering a Flight Price Guarantee?

      From what Google says, it does not expect to hand out many refunds. The company says only flights it is confident will not drop are marked with the guarantee badge. Of course, some of these flights will still end up dropping.

      Google Flights Price History Indicator

      Screenshot: Google Flights

      Google Flights still offers its price history chart. I recommend using this tool when booking all flights to see price trends.


      Is Google Flights Price Guarantee Free to Use?

      Yes, it is free to use.

      How Much Money Will Google Flights Price Guarantee Refund?

      Up to $500 per calendar year; The minimum per flight is $5.

      Using Book on Google, Am I Still Booking Directly With the Airline?

      Yes, using Book on Google is still booking with the airline. This is different than using an online travel agency, which essentially acts as a middleman.

      How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund Using Google Flights Guarantee?

      Around 48 hours after takeoff.

      What Flights Are Eligible for Google Flights Price Guarantee?

      Only flights with a price guarantee badge. These are flights Google does not expect to get cheaper.

      The Vacationer’s Final Thoughts

      Google first conducted a price guarantee pilot program for flights in 2019, which was cut short due to the pandemic. Now, in 2023, it is at it again. For eligible flights, I say give it a try. I highly recommend using Google Flights, and this gives you a real chance to get some money back.

      See Google’s full announcement here.

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