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      Solo Trip Survey, Tips, & Things to Do – Nearly 50% Have or Will Take One in 2022 (34% Are in a Relationship)

      Eric Jones
      Man Traveling Solo

      Summer travel is getting into full swing as Memorial Day has now passed and the Fourth of July is coming up. Our Summer Travel Survey indicated that nearly 81% of American adults intend to travel this summer. This represents more than 208 million American adults and is quite substantial. Despite rising gas prices, Americans want to travel as 42% say they will travel more this summer than last. The question is, will they travel with someone or go solo?

      Solo travel has become much more common recently. As COVID fears become diminished and travel returns to near pre-pandemic levels, we wondered how many people have or will travel solo in 2022? Are most of these people in a relationship or are they single? Below you can find the results and analysis of our survey question. Additionally, you can also find tips on solo travel and things to do.

      Have you or will you take a solo trip or vacation in 2022? – (Survey Question)

      Have you or will you take a solo trip or vacation in 2022?

      Photo: Eric Jones screenshot via SurveyMonkey

      Let’s take a look at the survey results:

      • No. — 51.55%
      • Yes, and I am in a relationship. — 33.79%
      • Yes, and I am single. — 14.66%

      Interesting Demographic Comparison — American adults aged 30-44 are most likely to solo travel this year. 55.03% of people in this age group said they would. However, the oldest generation of those over 60 is the least likely to solo travel. Only 35.96% of American adults in this age bracket said they have or intend to solo vacation in 2022. Adults over 60 are the only age group that has a similar amount of people in a relationship and single that is solo traveling. In all other age brackets, people in relationships are solo traveling much more than singles. Lastly, men or more likely than women to solo travel this year. 51.05% of men said they will this year while only 46.21% of women will.

      Key Takeaway Nearly half of all American adults say they have or will take a solo vacation in 2022. The 48.45% that said this equates to 125 million people according to the most recent census. American adults in relationships are 2.3 times more likely to go on a solo trip compared to single Americans. The 33.79% who will solo travel while in a relationship represents more than 87 million people. On the other hand, the 14.66% of solo travelers represents only 38 million people. Sometimes in a relationship, you just need a break from your partner!

      Solo Traveling Tips

      Solo Travel in Desert

      Photo: Pixabay

      Tip 1 – Share Your Plans With Friends and Family as Well as Hotel Staff

      You should share your complete trip itinerary with close friends and family members. That includes hotels you will be staying at, activities and excursions you will be doing, and when and how you will be traveling. While solo trips are not dangerous, you should exercise additional caution. If something does happen, your friends and family will know where you should be so they have enough information to take the necessary steps.

      To make it easy, I plan my trips in Google Docs and share the file with my family. If you are feeling spontaneous and want to deviate from your plans, you can easily update your shared document.

      Consider sharing your Uber or Lyft trip status if you will be ridesharing. Use Family Sharing options on your cell phone or watch to instantly share your location if you are walking in a sketchy place. Google Maps also has a great location-sharing option that I have found to come in handy.

      I also recommend letting the hotel staff know when you are going out and when you expect to return. That is especially important if you are doing a group activity with strangers or are going out late to a bar or restaurant.

      Tip 2 – Thoroughly Research The Area Before Traveling

      Research crime statistics in the area you will be traveling. Avoid high-crime areas when alone, and that is especially true at night. Opt to stay in a safer part of town, and figure out the safest way to get around. In some scenarios that may be by public transportation, while other times walking or renting a car may be preferred. While not ideal, consider only venturing out with guides and groups if the area seems too dangerous for a solo traveler.

      As always when planning a trip, research the area to see if it is a good place to vacation. Are there enough activities, tours, and excursions for a solo traveler to take part in? Will you get bored after a few days? How is the food scene? Does a hotel, Vrbo, or even a hostel make more sense?

      Further Reading: Tips for Staying in a Hostel

      Tip 3 – Use Common Sense and Do Not Put Yourself in Unnecessary Danger

      Unfortunately, crime can happen anywhere. As a solo traveler, you are more likely to be a victim of a crime than if you were with one or more other people. That being said, there are plenty of common-sense steps to take to minimize your chances of being a victim of a crime.

      Research Crime Statistics Beforehand – As previously mentioned, you should research crime statistics for your travel destination. Avoid bad parts of town and spend more time in the good parts.

      Limit Your Alcohol and Drug Intake – Those visibly intoxicated are more likely to be victims of crime. Additionally, excessive drinking may cause you to make poor decisions and inadvertently put yourself in danger.

      Be Observant – Pay attention to what is going on around you at all times. Walk to a crowded public place if things seem out of sort. Do not volunteer that you are traveling alone. Instead, say your friends or family will meet up with you shortly if someone asks.

      Read Reviews Before Booking an Accommodation – Whether you are booking a hotel or a hostel, you should thoroughly read reviews first. In most cases, there will be negative reviews if the accommodation is in a dangerous or sketchy area.

      Tip 4 – Do Smaller Solo Trips Around Your Home First

      You must figure out whether or not you like doing solo activities before going on a solo trip. That includes eating out alone, doing activities alone, and exploring alone. Does going to a restaurant or bar alone make you uncomfortable? Do you like interacting with new people are group events? Even if you said no to those two things, you can probably still enjoy a solo trip. Just consider your comfort level with each itinerary item before finalizing plans.

      Tip 5 – Download Offline Maps

      Even if you usually have great cell phone reception, you could lose service at any moment. That is especially true in areas that you have not been to before. Use the Google Maps app to download offline maps for the place you will be traveling. It is free to do and can save you from getting lost if you lose service. This is even more important to do as a solo traveler since there will not be another cell phone in the group that may still have service.

      Tip 6 – Bring a Hidden Wallet

      Consider buying a hidden wallet that you can strap to your body under your shirt. The wallet should contain your ID, passport, and other important documents. It should also contain the bulk of your money and all credit cards. You should also carry another wallet in your pocket. The purpose of the hidden wallet is to keep you and your valuables safe in the event of a robbery. Even if your “normal wallet” or purse is stolen, you will still have your most important documents, and the thief will believe they got everything you have.

      The Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Undercover Hidden Pocket (see current price) and the Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/RFID Blocker (see current price) are two of my favorites.

      Tip 7 – If Applicable, Learn a New Language

      Or at least have a basic understanding of the destination’s official language. You should know common words such as hello and goodbye. This is especially important traveling solo as you may need to communicate in the event of an emergency.

      Tip 8 – Follow Normal Money-Saving Travel Tips

      Just because you are going on a solo trip does not mean you should ignore normal money-saving travel tips. If anything, they are now even more important since the entire bill is on you. If flying, use our how to find cheap flights guide and our best websites to book flights guide. See our best websites to book cheap hotels and guide if staying in a hotel. If renting a car, our best websites for rental cars can help save you a ton of money. Finally, our best websites to book cruises guide will help if you will be setting sail.

      Solo Traveling Things To Do

      Solo Traveler in a Sunset

      Photo: Pixabay

      1. Try Local Cuisine

      The best part about traveling solo is you are in full control of where and what you eat. Group travel can be tough if you are with picky eaters, which is why solo travel is a great opportunity to try local food and beverages. In Philadelphia? Try an authentic cheesesteak. Visiting New Orleans? Enjoy a po’ boy with king cake for dessert.

      Resy and Open Table are great apps for finding new restaurants and making reservations. For an even more authentic experience, consider going on a local food tour. I recommend Viator for finding and booking local food tours

      2. Music Festival or Concert

      As a solo traveler, you are in full control of what music you listen to during your trip. I recommend attending a music festival or concert to hear local music. As with eating, the type of concert you attend is completely up to you since you do not have to take anyone else’s tastes into account. While it is fun going to concerts with friends, going solo can be just as good, if not better!

      3. Walking or Bike Tour

      There is no better way to see a new city than to go on a walking or bike tour. Walking tours can be done alone or with a group, but I think both have value. Use Viator to search for walking groups with local guides. In many cases, guides can provide insight and history into popular spots that may not otherwise be known. If you do not want to go with a group, use Google maps to plan your route. That will allow you to go at your own pace and see only the sights that you wish to see.

      Bike tours are also a great way to see a new city. You can cover more ground than walking, and it is often more fun. As with walking, you can go on a solo bike tour or register for a local group option.

      4. Try Something New

      A solo trip a perfect time to try something completely new. Have you never been near a place that offers hang gliding? Get ready to fly. At a world-famous surfing location? Get your board ready! The best part is you are in full control of what you do.

      Survey Methodology

      This solo traveling survey question was conducted by SurveyMonkey on behalf of The Vacationer. In total, 1,030 Americans over the age of 18 were polled on May 1. Of those surveyed, 46.21% were male and 53.79% were female. The age breakdown of participants included in this survey was 18.25% in the range 18-29, 28.93% in the range 30-44, 35.53% in the range 45-60, and 17.28% over 60. This survey question has a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of ±3.116%. You can learn more about SurveyMonkey’s sampling method by clicking here.

      The question was chosen and the results were analyzed by the post author, Eric Jones, who is a Mathematics and Statistics Professor at Rowan College South Jersey.

      Editorial Disclosure: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity. This content has not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of the entities included within the post. 

      Eric Jones Mediterranean Cruise

      By Eric Jones

      Eric Jones is the co-founder and head of operations of The Vacationer. He uses his background in mathematics as a professor at Rowan College South Jersey to conduct statistical studies and surveys on traveling and vacations. Having traveled to all 50 states and over 30 countries, Eric is well-equipped to recommend travel destinations and new adventures to those seeking lifetime experiences.