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      Where Can You Buy Beer and Alcohol in Magic Kingdom?

      Holly Riddle
      Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom

      When you think of the many amusement parks in Walt Disney World Resort, you likely think of the Magic Kingdom. This theme park features many classic Disney World attractions, including Cinderella’s Castle (aka, the iconic structure you see on the Disney logo), Main Street USA, Frontierland, and more. 

      The Magic Kingdom has been called one of the most magical places on Earth, and, for some, you can’t have magic without a bit of booze. Or, hey, maybe you’re just a frazzled parent ushering the kiddos through Disney, and you need a drink to take the edge off, fast. 

      Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a cocktail or two at Magic Kingdom, you might be a little disappointed.

      Yes, beer and alcohol are available in Magic Kingdom. However, that availability is relatively new (for decades, Magic Kingdom served little to no alcohol), and it’s not like you can find a cart selling frosty beers on every corner. 

      Here’s what you need to know.

      The Vacationer Tip

      If you haven’t bought your Magic Kingdom tickets yet, browse for discounts.

      The Easiest Place to Find Beer and Alcohol in Magic Kingdom

      The easiest place to find beer and alcohol within Magic Kingdom is at the table-service and/or reservations-only restaurants. Do note these restaurants are popular, so reservations are either 100% necessary or at a premium. 

      You can book a reservation at these restaurants online or on the Disney World app. However, if it’s too late to get a reservation at some, you can also join a waitlist or walk up and try your luck at getting a table that way. 

      Table-service restaurants within Magic Kingdom include…

      • Be Our Guest Restaurant
      • Cinderella’s Royal Table
      • The Crystal Palace
      • Liberty Tree Tavern
      • The Plaza Restaurant
      • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
      • Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen
      • The Diamond Horseshoe 

      These restaurants offer a small selection of wine, beer, cider, and cocktails. You cannot order an off-menu cocktail, though, or liquor served any other way, as you might at a normal restaurant.

      Since these are table-service restaurants, you can expect a slightly higher-end dining experience than you might get elsewhere in the park. You can likewise also expect a longer dining experience than you might elsewhere in the park. 

      So if you snag a reservation at one of these select restaurants in Magic Kingdom, what kind of drinks can you expect?

      Drinks at Be Our Guest Restaurant

      Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney


      At the “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired French restaurant, you can expect some private-label Champagne and wine selections, sparkling wines, beer, and cider. However, there are also a few specialty cocktails (though they’re pretty familiar — nothing all that special about them). There’s a French 75, Bloody Mary, and Boulevardier.

      Drinks at Cinderella’s Royal Table

      Cinderella's Royal Table Disney


      Expect character dining experiences alongside the all-day cuisine at the equally princess-worthy Cinderella’s Royal Table. You’ll find a few wine flights, other wine options, beer, and specialty cocktails on the drinks menu. 

      Again, the specialty cocktails aren’t “specialty” so much as familiar. There’s a mimosa, Bloody Mary, sangria, French 75, and bellini.

      Drinks at The Crystal Palace

      The Crystal Palace Disney

      The Crystal Palace is a buffet, but that hardly detracts from its Victorian-inspired luster. Keep your eyes peeled for Winnie the Pooh while you’re there. 

      The drinks menu includes a handful of beer, cider, and wine options, alongside cocktails, including a Bloody Mary, mimosa, and sangria. There’s also the Jack Rose, made with brandy, grenadine, lemon, and lime, and the Last Word, with gin, green chartreuse liqueur, lime, and cherries.

      Drinks at Liberty Tree Tavern

      Liberty Tree Tavern Disney


      This family-style eatery is low-key, with a historic inn feel and a New England-style menu. There’s a small selection of wine, beer, cider, sangria, mimosa, and two specialty cocktails. The Gold Rush combines bourbon with lemon, honey, and ginger, while the Innkeeper’s Shandy blends lager and hard cider. 

      Drinks at The Plaza Restaurant

      The Plaza Restaurant Disney


      In the Main Street section of the park, The Plaza Restaurant offers American eats at (relatively) affordable cost. The drink menu includes beer, wine, sangria, mimosas, and the two specialty cocktails you’ll find elsewhere in the park: the brandy-based Jack Rose and the gin-based Last Word.

      Drinks at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

      Tony's Town Square Restaurant Disney


      This “Lady and the Tramp”-themed eatery offers Italian fare, with drinks to match. Beyond wine and beer, cocktails include a bellini, limoncello sidecar, and The Little Italy, which combines rye whiskey with Sicilian liquor and vermouth. 

      Drinks at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

      Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen Disney

      Photo: Karl from TripAdvisor

      Beyond wine and beer, the drink options here, predictably, include some tropical-inspired specialty cocktails. In addition to a shandy and sangria, there’s a margarita and The Jungle Bird, made with rum, Campari, pineapple, and lime.

      Drinks at The Diamond Horseshoe

      The Diamond Horseshoe


      This restaurant offers a near-identical cocktail list to what you’ll get at Liberty Tree Tavern. There’s a shandy, sangria, mimosa, and The Gold Rush, alongside beer, hard cider, and some wine. 

      Other Places to Get a Drink in Magic Kingdom

      While the above handful of restaurants are the easiest places to get a drink in Magic Kingdom, you do have a few other options — though they’re not ideal. 

      If you attend certain Magic Kingdom events, like a fireworks dessert party or holiday party, alcohol may or may not be served.

      Club 33 also serves alcohol. However, Club 33 isn’t open to every Disney Park guest. 

      The private club offers a membership package that requires an up-front fee of up to $70,000 for the membership, plus an annual fee of up to $20,000 in order to retain that membership. Even if you have the kind of cash, though, you’ll have to join a membership waitlist that’s often years long, and invitations to join the waitlist are exclusive and based on who you know. 

      Getting a Drink Near Magic Kingdom

      You can, of course, always leave Magic Kingdom entirely to get a drink elsewhere before returning. The best option for this is to just head to one of the nearby hotels and resorts. Not only will you find bar and restaurant options there that you wouldn’t be able to find at Magic Kingdom, but you also will likely enjoy better prices and fewer crowds.

      The downside? This option, of course, requires leaving the park, which will cut into your Disney fun time. 

      If you don’t mind leaving the park, though, some Disney fans will embark on what they call the monorail crawl, taking the Disney monorail between all the various Disney resorts and hotels, and stopping along the way to sample the food and alcoholic beverages offered at each.


      Can you get alcohol in Magic Kingdom?

      You can order alcohol at Magic Kingdom, but only during sit-down meals.

      Why is alcohol so challenging to find in Magic Kingdom?

      When the first Disney park opened, Walt Disney didn’t want to serve alcohol at all, saying it would attract the wrong crowd. In recent years, Magic Kingdom has loosened its stance on serving alcohol, but it’s still not easy to find.

      Are there any dining packages that include alcohol?

      Yes, any dining plan you purchase will allow you to sub an alcoholic beverage for a non-alcoholic drink, so long as you’re of age.

      Can you bring alcohol into Magic Kingdom?

      No, you cannot bring outside alcohol into Magic Kingdom or any Disney park.

      Are there any bars in Magic Kingdom?

      No. You can only find alcohol at select restaurants within Magic Kingdom; even then, the options are severely limited.

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